Video Tutorial 1: Unpacking

Unpack your bag of Faeline Merchant vendors:

  • Rez your bag of vendors
  • Open and copy to inventory
  • Delete the bag

Video Tutorial 2: Registration

First time registration on the Faeline Merchant web site:

  • Rez your mushroom
  • Log onto
  • Use your Second Life user name and the password from the mushroom

Video Tutorial 3: Products

Setting up your products ready to sell:

  • Edit your distributor mushroom
  • Drag products from your inventory to the mushroom Content
  • Go to the web site and select the products
  • From your inventory locate your product texture
  • Copy Asses UUID
  • On the web site paste the texture UUID
  • Set the price and active checkbox
  • Click on Update for the product
  • Repeat for all other products

Video Tutorial 4: Vendors

Setting up your vendors:

  • Rez your vendor
  • Allow debit permissions
  • Resize and move the vendor to where you want it
  • Locate the vendor on the web site and create a new template
  • Name the template and add your products
  • Update the template and return to the vendor
  • Set it to active and update
  • This vendor is ready to sell products now
  • Rez another vendor of the same type
  • Resize, move and allow debit permissions
  • On the web site select the template, set it active and update
  • Add demo and a notecard to the template
  • Enter the hover text
  • Update will update both in-world vendors